Ulei compresor TEXACO CETUS PAO 46 - 208l

Ulei compresor TEXACO CETUS PAO 46 - 208l

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Greutate: 208.000 Kg
Cod: Ulei compresor TEXACO CETUS PAO 46 - 208l

Ulei compresor TEXACO CETUS PAO 46 - 208l

Synthetic compressor oils based on polyalphaolefins and an advanced additive
package. It is recommended for lubrication of rotary screw compressors. Additionally, it is recommended for other types of compressors, like single and multistage reciprocating compressors, and single and multistage centrifugal compressors where an ISO 46 viscosity grade is required. It is specifically suited for the lubrication of turbochargers in marine diesel engines.


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Ulei compresor TEXACO CETUS PAO 46 - 208l


Customer benefits

  • Robust oxidation stability promotes high temperature performance and protection
  • Ultra high performance wear protection contributes to increased productivity and reduced equipment downtime
  • Low pour point allows use in low temperature climates
  • Good air release properties aid performance in oil flooded screw compressor applications
  • Seal swell agents help protect against oil leaks
  • Extended drain potential assists in downtime reduction



  • Cetus PAO 46 is designed for the lubrication of oil-injected rotary screw compressors operating at high discharge temperatures (>100°C) and discharge pressures (>15 bar)
  • Cetus PAO 46 offers extended drain intervals of up to 8000 hours for screw compressors


Approvals, performance and recommendations


  • DIN 51506 VDL standard
Cetus PAO 46 [PDF, 263.26 KB]