Ulei compresor TEXACO CAPELLA WF 46 - 20L

Ulei compresor TEXACO CAPELLA WF 46 - 20L

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Cod: Ulei compresor TEXACO CAPELLA WF 46 - 20L

Ulei compresor TEXACO CAPELLA WF 46 - 20L

A line of oils for the lubrication of compressors used in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. They are manufactured from specially refined and processed naphthenic pale oils, to meet the requirements of many refrigeration
equipment manufacturers. They have low freon floc temperatures and pour points. They do not 'wax-out' under the low temperature conditions typically encountered in modern refrigeration systems. These oils are suitable for refrigeration units using fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants (such as R12, R22,R502...) and ammonia.


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Ulei compresor TEXACO CAPELLA WF 46 - 20L


Customer benefits

Low temperature performance and protection

  • Capella WF is a robust and highly stable advanced technology compressor lubricant specifically formulated to deliver high performance thermal stability, particularly in the very low temperatures present in latest-generation compressors in refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems.
  • Designed with specially formulated naphthenic pale oils and high performance temperature stability additive systems, these advanced fluids are designed to meet and exceed major compressor manufacturers performance requirements, delivering a very low freon floc temperature of –45°C.


High stability performance

  • Capella WF’s leading edge low temperature performance optimises system efficiency and service life through very robust and highly reliable chemical and thermal stability.
  • Capella WF is highly resistant to waxing at very low temperatures, protecting expansion valve efficiency and capillary performance, and ensuring smooth operation over very long service periods, with the minimum of downtime.
  • This efficient compressor operation is enhanced through Capella WF’s chemically stable performance in the presence of ammonia and fluorinated hydrocarbons such as R-12 and R-22, minimising varnish and sludge formation over extended operating periods.
  • Capella WF’s high performance formulation minimises water content to very low levels, delivering maximum corrosion protection, high-efficiency ice-free operation, and extended equipment service life.



  • Recommended for use in refrigeration compressors and air conditioner systems using fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants, or ammonia.
  • Recommended for use in compressor systems running on fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants where minimum evaporator temperatures of –45°C (R12), -35°C (R22) and –25°C. (R502) are present.



Manufacturers approvals

Capella WF holds the following OEM approvals for several grades:

  • Sulzer; Bitzer; Tecumsec; Carrier; York; Sabroe; J & E Hall


For several grades the following OEM’s recommend Capella WF:

  • Tecumsec, Belgium Daikin, Robert Bosch(G), Heinrich, Huppman(G), Dorin(I), Matsushita(J), Trane, DWM, Copeland(US), Kelvinator Inc(US), Carrier


Approvals, performance and recommendations


  • DIN 51. 503 standard
  • BS 2626:1992, Type A Lubricants
  • NATO standard  VV-L-825