Ulei compresor TEXACO CAPELLA A 68 - 208l

Ulei TEXACO CAPELLA A 68 - 208l
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Ulei  compresor TEXACO CAPELLA A 68 - 208l

Fully synthetic oil for the lubrication of ammonia refrigeration compressors. It does not contain additives. It is recommended for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems requiring lubricant with low-temperature performance: minimum evaporator temperatures of -60oC. They are particularly suitable for reciprocating and screw compressors operating at discharge temperatures exceeding 100oC.

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  • Cod:Ulei compresorTEXACO CAPELLA A 68 - 208l
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Ulei  compresor TEXACO CAPELLA A 68 - 208l


Customer benefits

Long-term, high stability performance

  • Capella A 68 delivers fully synthetic technology and performance to high output refrigeration compressors running with ammonia refrigerants in very low temperature evaporator environments.
  • With a very low pourpoint of down to –57°C, Capella A 68 is completely additive-free and delivers exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance across a very wide temperature range. This advanced technology fluid is highly stable in the presence of ammonia, maximising oil film integrity and equipment wear protection, reducing maintenance and service periods.
  • Capella A 68’s high viscosity index performance provides excellent low viscosity at low temperature start up, maximising energy efficiency, and goes on to maintain this stable low viscosity right up to discharge temperatures in excess of +100°C, optimising oil film performance and wear protection in severe operating conditions, over very long operating periods.


Performance beyond conventional capabilities

  • Capella A 68 offers very low volatility performance when compared with conventional straight mineral refrigerants, significantly reducing oil consumption. This advanced and highly stable chemical stability also considerably improves heat transfer performance by maximising refrigeration fluid integrity through significantly reducing oil transfer to the refrigerant.



  • Recommended for use in refrigeration and airconditioning systems using ammonia refrigerants, and requiring lubricants with excellent low temperature characteristics; particularly suitable for reciprocating and screw compressors operating at discharge temperatures exceeding +100°C.
  • Capella A 68 oil satisfies low temperature requirements of ammonia refrigeration systems with minimum evaporator temperatures of 60°C.


Approvals, performance and recommendations


  • ABB Stal Refrigeration AB
  • Sabroe
  • Broedrene Gram



  • DIN 51.503
  • BS 2626/1992