Ulei transmisie TEXACO MULTIGEAR 80W90 - 208l

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Ulei transmisie/ cutie de viteze TEXACO  MULTIGEAR 80W90 - 208l

Multigear are ultra high performance total drivetrain lubricants.

These advanced technology lubricants are designed with superior quality mineral base stocks with a leading edge additive formulation.


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  • Cod: Ulei transmisie TEXACO MULTIGEAR 80W90 - 208l
  • Greutate: 208.000 Kg
Ambalaj: 208l
Tip cutie de viteze: Manuala
Vascozitate Cutie de Viteze: 80W90
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Ulei transmisie/ cutie de viteze TEXACO  MULTIGEAR 80W90 - 20l

Customer benefits

  • Specially tuned friction characteristics optimise use in synchronised manual transmission systems and final drives, rationalising inventories and saving  time and money
  • Advanced technology extends drain intervals over standard mineral transmission oils
  • Excellent shear stability ensures fluid viscosity retention throughout lubricant service life
  • Very good low temperature fluidity maximises wear protection during cold start-ups
  • High temperature oxidation stability prevents oil thickening, optimising system protection
  • Compatible with a wide range of elastomer materials, preventing fluid loss through leaks
  • High performance rust and corrosion protection maximises system service life
  • Robust foam suppression optimises lubrication performance



  • Multigear is designed for use in manual automotive transmissions which require a fluid with API GL-4 or GL-5 performance, and for hypoid drive axles where an EP oil meeting API GL-5 or MT-1 is required. It meets the requirements of SAE J2360 (formerly MIL-PRF-2105E)
  • High performance thermal stability makes Multigear suitable for use in applications with higher operating temperatures than is possible when using conventional mineral gear oils. It is also capable of longer service intervals, typically 75% longer than conventional mineral gear oils. (The precise service interval varies according to application and service severity – refer to the manufacturers’ literature for further details)
  • Multigear is not recommended for use in ZF transmissions fitted with intarders (this includes some models from constructors such as DAF and MAN). For these exceptions, use an approved fluid such as Multigear MTF 75W-80



Approvals, performance and recommendations



Viscosity Grade 80W-90 80W-140

  •   API GL-4 Meets requirements Meets requirements
  •   API GL-5 Meets requirements Meets requirements
  •   API MT-1 Meets requirements Meets requirements
  •   DAF Gearbox oil for Eaton gearboxes Meets requirements -
  •   DAF Gearbox oil for ZF gearboxes Approved  [1] -
  •   DAF Rear axle without hub reduction Meets requirements   [2]  [4] Meets requirements  [2]  [5]
  •   DAF Rear axle with hub reduction Meets requirements   [3]  [4] Meets requirements   [3]  [5]
  •   Daimler MB 235.0 Suitable for application
  •   MAN 341 Type E2 Approved -
  •   MAN 3343 Type M Approved -
  •   NATO 0-226 Meets requirements -
  •   NATO 0-228 - Meets requirements
  •   Scania STO 1:0 Approved  [6] Approved  [7]
  •   ZF TE-ML 02B Approved -
  •   ZF TE-ML 05A Approved Meets requirements
  •   ZF TE-ML 07A Approved  [8]  [9] Approved  [8]  [9]
  •   ZF Lenksysteme  TE-ML 08 Approved  [8] Approved  [8]
  •   ZF TE-ML 12E Approved -
  •   ZF TE-ML 16B Approved -
  •   ZF TE-ML 16D - Meets requirements
  •   ZF TE-ML 17B Approved -
  •   ZF TE-ML 19B Approved -
  •   ZF TE-ML 21A Approved Meets requirements
Tip cutie de viteze:Manuala
Vascozitate Cutie de Viteze:80W90