Ulei TEXACO URSA PREMIUM TDX (E4 ) 10w40 - 208L

Ulei TEXACO URSA PREMIUM TDX (E4 ) 10w40 - 208L

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Greutate: 208.000 Kg
Cod: Ulei TEXACO URSA PREMIUM TDX (E4 ) 10w40 - 208L

Ulei TEXACO URSA PREMIUM TDX (E4 ) 10w40 - 208L
Ursa Premium TDX (E4) is a high performance part-synthetic  diesel engine lubricant designed to meet current ACEA requirements and meet the more challenging OEMspecificat ions for Euro IV and V engines.Ursa Premium TDX (E4) is formulated with part- synthetic base stocks in combination with a high performance additive system designed to provide robust shear stable and reliable long drain performance


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Ulei TEXACO URSA PREMIUM TDX (E4 ) 10w40 - 208L

Customer benefits
  • Promotes trans-continental fleet protection—offers sustained performance and protection under regional fuel quality variations
  • Extended drain intervals — contributes optimum extended drain engine protection, performance and equipment uptime
  • Aids engine and bearing protection — dependable acid control offers reduced maintenance downtime and costs
  • Keep-clean engine performance — dependable depositcontrol helps maintain engine protection and performance
  • Wear resistance — formulated to offer high performance wear resistance and bore polishing protection
  • High temperature protection — reliable oxidation resistance aids protection against high temperature oil thickening and downtime
  • Effective foam suppression—  anti-foam formulation helps maintain reliable, consistent engine lubrication with lower component wear


  • Formulated for use in trucks that are not fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) or continuously regenerating traps (CRTs); operating internationallyon higher sulphur fuels over extended drain intervals
  • Ursa Premium TDX (E4) is also recommended for use in other commercial and off-highway engines where manufacturers do not approve oils, but do publish performance requirements for service applications.Users are advised to refer to manufacturers’ recommendations forthe correct oil drain interval


Approvals,performance and recommendations


  • Cummins 20077/20078
  • Daimler MB- approval 228.5
  • Deutz DQC III-10
  • Mack EO- M Plus, EO-N
  • MAN 3277
  • MTU Type 3 Renault RLD-2
  • Scania LDF-2
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • ACEAE4, E7
  • APICI-4
  • Cummins20071/20072


  • Suitable for use in applicati ons requiring Renault VIRD, RD-2, RLD.
Ursa Premium TDX EU-EN-2-P1-090712 [PDF, 190.39 KB]