Ulei tansmisie TEXACO TEXAMATIC 7045E - 1l

Ulei tansmisie TEXACO TEXAMATIC 7045E - 1l
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Ulei tansmisie TEXACO TEXAMATIC 7045E - 1l


Texamatic 7045E is a proven performance automatic transmission fluid suitable for passenger car, light truck and bus transmissions requiring a GM DEXRON-IIIG fluid.This transmission fluid is formulated with mineral base oils and a balanced additive package to provide efficient operating performance

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  • Cod:Ulei tansmisie TEXACO TEXAMATIC 7045E - 1l
  • Greutate: 1.000Kg
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Ulei tansmisie TEXACO TEXAMATIC 7045E - 1l

Customer benefits
  • Specially tuned friction characteristics ensure smooth shifts and lock-ups
  • Durable friction control provides smooth operationt hroughout fluid service life
  • High VI maintains fluid viscosity and transmissionprotection at high operating temperatures
  • Low temperature fluidity provides wear protection during cold start-up
  • Oxidation stability prevents harmful lacquer, sludge anddeposit formation
  • Wide range elastomer compatibility protects hoses and seals
  • Protects automatic transmission fluid coolers from


Approvals, performance and recommendations
  • MAN  339TYPE V1
  • VOITH 55.6335.3X
  • ZF TE-ML 04D
  • ZF TE-ML 17C


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