Ulei  hidraulic TEXACO AW 46 - 208l

Ulei hidraulic TEXACO AW 46 - 208l

Preț2,330.01 lei
Greutate: 208.000 Kg
Cod: Ulei hidraulic TEXACO AW 46 - 208l

Ulei hidraulic TEXACO AW 46 - 208l

  • Texaco Hydraulic Oil AW is a universal, multi-purpose hydraulic fluid suitable for a wide range of light to medium duty applications.
  • Texaco Hydraulic Oil AW in formulated with solvent refined base fluids and anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives plus DIN 51542 -2 HLP detergent and dispersant agents for good all-round system reliability.


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Ulei hidraulic TEXACO AW 46 - 208l

Customer benefits
  • Oxidation resistance increases filter and oil life, saving time and money
  • Detergent and dispersant additives keep the systemclean, increasing uptime
  • Wear resistance increases equipment service life
  • Corrosion protection improvescomponent reliability,reducing maintenanceand costs
  • Foam suppression ensures good lubrication performanceand system protection


  • Recommended for use as a multi-service light to medium duty hydraulic fluidwhere not more than DIN 51524–2 (HLP) is required


Approvals, performance and recommendations
  • DIN51524 Part 2 (HLP)
  • ISO6743 Part 4 (LHM)
Texaco Hydraulic Oil AW V-1 190707 [PDF, 147.66 KB]